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At Monster Displays we offer our customers the ultimate in choice and value. Whether you need a simple banner, or a large format graphic Monster has a solution for you.

Graphics are a key feature to the success of your display. We understand that your graphics need to showcase your individuality and appropriately represent your marketing message and products.

We are proud to offer several green graphic medias, as well as fabric, to accommodate your environmental concerns. We stand behind our premium graphic materials and are confident you will be more than pleased with your purchase.
Complimentary 2 Hours of Free Graphic Design Consultation with your order!

Titanium Film Details

Detachable Graphics, Photomural Panels, Graphic Case Wraps, and Header Graphics - What makes this film unique is a special titanium layer embedded in the media, the perfect solution to block back light. The media substrate is a specialized extrusion of DuPont film: the toughest and most dimensionally stable base available.

Light cannot penetrate the media, therefore, displays in mixed lighting conditions are brighter, have a bigger impact and are more durable. The ink receiving layer is bonded into the film using corona treatment, fusing the top molecules with an ultra high voltage charge during coating. In fact this process is standard on all our film and photobase products.

You will be able to use your graphics longer making your investment with Monster Displays today even smarter! Our titanium film sets new standards. If you want the best in terms of image quality and durability in roll-up and portable displays, our titanium film is the only choice!

Photomural/ Detachable Graphic Specs

Center Photomural Panels: HP1200 dpi 12 mil Titanium, 10 mil Textured Laminate End Cap Photomural Panels, Graphic Case Wraps, Detachable Graphics: HP 1200 dpi 12 mil Titanium Film, with 5 mil Textured Laminate Cost: $12.00/square foot (Price may vary based on product, size and quantity)

Backlit Graphic Specs

29 mil Premium Anti-curl, Translucent Film - HP Inks - Poly-carbonate Protective Laminate for enhanced durability and an elegant finish - Includes:
Magnet backing
Graphic Size:
35 in. W: $ 26.00/Linear Foot

Banner Graphics Details

Lightweight with a unique high gloss finish which creates extremely vivid images. The light-blocking layer eliminates backside light transmittal to prevent image wash out. The instant dry film resists tunneling, edge fraying, and tearing during the rolling and unrolling process. Finished with premium laminate for extended durability.

Banner Graphic Specs

Banners: HP1200 dpi 6.5 mil Titanium Film with 3 mil Textured Laminate Cost: $8.00/square foot (Price may vary based on product, size and quantity).

Laminate Details and Specs

Photomural/Detachable Graphics: Lexan/Poly-Carb, Protac Polycarbonate UV laminate is used in conjunction with Titanium Films to create a rigid, yet rollable graphic panel.

Textured Laminate: 3, 5 & 10 mil. Non-Glare, Pebble Texture Finish, Scuff-Resistant PVC (Vinyl) Laminating Film coated with a Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive

Durability: Suitable for extensive handling, or high-traffic display areas

Applications: Trade Show Graphics - POP Displays - Event Signage, and much more...

Vinyl Scrim Details and Specs

This banner material offers high print quality and durability. A 10 mil polyester reinforced tyvek material is ideal in price and performance. Provides strong, vibrant colors. Good choice for indoor/outdoor use. Cost: $12/square foot (price may vary based on size and quantity). Ask about our 13 & 14 oz., or Mesh Vinyl options too!

Polyester Fabric Details

A high-class application that is both lightweight, versatile and durable. Smooth-weaved fray resistant polyester fabric provides vibrant photo quality prints. Superior color-fastness and water resistant properties make this an ideal choice for indoor/outdoor use. Transluscent properties allow backlighting if desired. Cost: $14.50/square foot (price may vary based on size and quantity).

Monster Displays has unlimited graphic production capabilities including silk-screening, dye sublimation, large format, ink-jet, lambda, vehicle wraps, and now to get your quote!

GREEN Monster Graphic Solutions
Help the environment and put more “green” back in your pocket when you choose Monster Displays!

Join Monster Displays in our effort to contribute to preserving the environment. When it comes to choosing which product to buy, we hope that more and more consumers think responsibly and buy recycled materials.

This is a high-quality, light weight fabric material made from 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles…and it doesn’t curl. Best use for this media: Backdrops, Banners, Table Skirts, Flags, Hanging Banners.

The edges will not fray and the print quality is amazing! The art is vaporized right into the fabric so there are no color matching issues or bleed, so... no scratching, no curling, or fraying! Cost: $14.40/yrd (price may vary based on size and quantity).

Wrinkles come out with light steam
Easy to load into banner stands
No lamination while durable
Degradation rate: Outdoor test done in direct sun and all weather conditions for 1 year – Outdoor
color loss 25%, Indoor test yielded a 2% loss.

This is a high-quality polyester fiber used to produce the fabric and backing that make up our Eco Friendly PopUp Display Panels, which are made from 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles. Call Now for a quote!

**Ask about our line of Green Displays, ie: Banner Stands, PopUps, Flooring, Panel Displays, and more…**

High-resolution, full color digital graphics, like other detailed works of quality craftsmanship, are vulnerable to mishandling, and /or inappropriate exposure, which can adversely affect visual appeal.
Please follow these Directions to insure the best care for your Graphics:

“Do Not” fold, crease, or scuff your graphics.
Keep the edges and other parts of your graphics away from moisture.

If your graphics are “not” laminated, “Do not” touch or try to clean the image with any object or
expose to any type of moisture.
If your graphics “are” laminated, you may clean the image surface with a soft clean cloth and water.
“Do not” use solvent-based cleaners on any part of the Graphic.
“Do not” scuff, scrape or rub hard.
“Do not” expose the edges of your graphics to extreme moisture.

ROLL GRAPHICS: Image side out “Only” – Rolling the graphics any other way, can cause
de-lamination bubbles or seperation areas on your panels.
“Do not” roll photomural panels to a diameter less than 12”d.
“Do not” roll laminated graphics to a diameter less than 6”d.

“Do not” store graphics in environments with extreme temperatures and humidity. Unless your
graphics have been fabricated using UV rated materials, do not expose to direct sunlight. Avoid over
exposure to other UV light sources such as fluorescent. If your graphics are hung from the corners,
sides or ends, do not stretch them beyond a reasonable tension, as this could result in tearing them.

Happy Customers

  • Melissa Hesson     Daniel Mechanical

    15 May 2014

    I recently placed a short notice order with Monster Displays and Patty and Lea went beyond expectations to meet my request. The banner they made turned out great and we couldn't be happier! Thank you Monster Displays!

  • Lissette Correa     NHCLC

    12 May 2014

    Monster Displays were absolutely incredible! I had a last minute request of which they went out of their way to meet. The display was done quickly and professionally. They were constantly keeping me posted of the updates and guaranteed me quick delivery and they surely kept their promise. Our display was very much complimented on and was easy to carry and was absolutely beautiful! Thank you. I would not have made it without you. You guys are the BEST!

  • Jess Hurwitz     Fleet Weather

    6 May 2014

    Monster Displays is awesome! I fully recommend using them for all of your trade show and expo needs. I have used them 3 times over the last year for fast-track, last-minute projects and everything worked like clockwork and came out better than expected. I am really very impressed with them. Plus their prices are great! They have handled all of my normal and my special requests perfectly and have made the whole process very smooth and easy A big thank you to John Godwin and Patty Jones for making my most current project a huge success - thanks for all of your help and special attention to ensure my deadline was met! Cant wait to use you guys again and again and again!

  • Shirley Archambault     Kleenoil Filtration

    2 May 2014

    Our recently purchased booth has been extremely easy to assemble as well as storing. The booth is of high quality and well manufactured. I would like to thank the Monster Display team who went out of their way to ensure we would have our product for an important trade show. Thank you all for your wonderful customer service and equally wonderful display.

  • Ed Goeters     EPI Use Labs

    13 March 2014

    We needed a rush shipment on a new graphic panel display. The Monster team worked with me to assuaged my anguish and made sure my order was delivered on time and looking sharp. Thanks Monster!

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At Monster you will find the most visionary exhibit designs at great prices. Our online store boasts a comprehensive collection of trade show displays for every taste and budget. Whether you need a small table top display, a standard 10x10 pop-up display, a banner stand, or the flexibility of a modular trade show system, Monster Displays offers the right solution. In fact, we work with a winning combination in-house production and brand-product distribution to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

We invite you to enjoy the convenience of working with our team of exhibit enthusiasts and graphic design experts. We are ready to become your right-hand in your exhibit marketing efforts, to help you find the best display for your brand and your budget.

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