Ideas for trade show booths

Your booth display is one of your most powerful weapons at a trade show, so you’ll want to make sure that you wield that weapon wisely. A booth display draws the eye before a trade show attendee even sees the person at the booth. It’s not unusual for companies to spend thousands, even millions of dollars on a modular display, truss display or tension fabric display. Before you devote your entire budget to an expensive display, take a few minutes to think of other things you can do to make your booth display more effective at a trade show.

Use the Past as Your Prologue

Look at the types of booth displays that companies similar to yours have done in the past to get an idea of what’s effective and what’s ineffective. Don’t attempt to copy their ideas, but instead take note of what made the displays so effective and recreate a similar effect for your table display. Some of the most successful booths have used multimedia presentations, so think of incorporating those with your displays. Computers, televisions, music and projects have also been proven to be effective booth display tools.

Hire a Professional

Consider hiring a professional model to post at the sides of your booth who will engage trade show attendees as they pass by and hand out free samples or product information. These professional individuals know how to market your company and get people interested in your business. If you’d rather not use a flashy and expensive banner display to attract passersby, having a well-trained professional is a good alternative.

Engage Trade Show Attendees

Allow attendees to interact with your trade show display. Have games, live demonstrations, touchscreens were passersby can interact with new products and other incentives to gather a crowd around your booth and get them interested. Think about giving away free gifts that are related to your product and be sure your business card is included with the prize and that your logo is displayed on the bag the free gift comes in. People love getting free gifts and they love telling other people where they got their free gift. Let attendees do your marketing for you.

Bigger Sometimes is Better

If you’re going to one of the larger trade shows, you’ll want to get a pop up display to match the grand scale. The more impressive and majestic the display is, the better it will be for you and your company. It’s recommended that you work with a professional to design the perfect booth rather than go at it alone and risk potentially wasting thousands of dollars. While such a magnificent booth will undoubtedly be expensive, it could possibly pay for itself with all of the new business that you attract and with all of the old business that you manage to hold on to.

Know Your Market

Something else that will help you determine what your booth display should look like is knowing who your target audience is. If your audience is more technologically inclined, have a booth display with digital displays, tablet computers and other kinds of cutting-edge technology. If your target audience is a bit simpler when it comes to technology, you’ll want a more subdued display that still manages to capture the eye.

Put in an abundance of time and thought when it comes to your trade show booth in order to have a successful and enjoyable experience for yourself as well as your company. If you aren’t having fun, then neither are the attendees who stop by your booth.