Getting To Know The Aura Touch Screen System

New Solutions for Portable Multi-Touch Displays

The digital revolution has brought a whole new dimension to the art of display design. Touch screen technology has reshaped the way that staff members and attendees experience exhibit spaces. The new AuraMulti-Touch Interactive Display solution caught our attention due to its portability and ease of use, making it an ideal addition to any tech-savvy display you want to create.This all-in-one display system includes wireless controls, versatile applications, and easy handling.
Screen and Hardware

The Aura interactive display system is currently available with 50”, 65”, 80” and 100” multi-touch screens, with a Windows 8 laptop or tablet that runs the application and sends information wirelessly to the display. Each unit also comes with a smartphone-sized wireless touchpad including a full keyboard, to allow presenters to control the display from any location in the exhibits. Also included is a heavy-duty floor stand, with locking castors. Everything packs in a rolling case for easy portability.

High resolution displays make possible crystal clear photo-realistic images in true color. The state of the art rear projection system included with the 100” touch screen guarantees a sharp, clear picture even on this extra-large screen.

Maestro Software

Display capabilities are greatly expanded by using Maestro software. It supports all major file formats used in presentation material:

  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Microsoft Office documents, including PowerPoint
  • .jpg, .gif, .bmp, and .png image files
  • Major video formats, including .mov, .mp4, .mp4v, .3gp, and 3g2 with HE-AAC v2 encoded audio and H.264 video support
  • 3D objects in 3DS and DAE

The Maestro software application allows users to manage presentation content and run their presentation with the same program. There’s no more need to transfer a presentation file between a management program and a content player and you won’t have to work about file compatibility. One Maestro software license is included with every Aura touch screen systemso you can begin using it right away. Additional licenses are available for purchase.

Touch Screen Elements and Connectivity

The Aura system allows for an immerse interactive experience for both operators and viewers. Wireless track pads running your chosen presentation application can be synched with your Aura system. This allows operators to manipulate elements displayed on the screen remotely from their personal touchscreen device. Presentations advance seamlessly and can integrate numerous navigational functions such as zoom, slide, and spin. Two-way connectivity allows for simultaneous touch screen use by audience and operator. Display operation via the personal touch screen device combines with viewer interaction for a more dynamic presentation.

The Auradisplay systems are unique in offering ten separate points of simultaneous touch screen interaction. This level of interaction streamlines with current Windows 8 technology, bringing the system in line with the industry standard. Other Windows 8 touch screen manipulations, such as swipe and charm bar access, are also possible with any Aura display connected with this operating system.

System Set Up and Transport

Each Aura display is a turnkey system. It is packaged and sold as a complete unit so it’s ready to run out of the box; there’s no need to buy additional components unless you choose to.

All Aura screens have been designed with maximum portability in mind. Lightweight materials have been used to make transporting and display easier than ever and a sturdy wheeled rolling case is included with your purchase. The newly designed system minimizes set up and take down time so more time can be spent with your customers and clients. All screens and auxiliary support elements can be placed with existing display items for additional design options; Aura combines seamlessly with many of the display elements available from Monster Displays.