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Covid ProofBooth Design

Create a safe and engaging environment for trade show visitors with creative exhibit design. Make your booth a welcoming space while promoting social distance and sanitation.

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Trade Show Exhibit Design in the Post-Covid Era

The power of face-to-face meetings to generate new discoveries and relationships have made trade shows and exhibitions a preferred marketing strategy. Now that vaccination is opening the way to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, convention centers and meeting halls can go back to business. What can exhibitors do to excel in this interim era, to offer a safe environment for visitors while giving brands choice and creative freedom? Here are three basic guidelines to get you show-ready in the new normal.

Trade Show Exhibit Design in the post-covid era - space out your space with divisions and clear barriers

Space-Out your Space

Promote social distancing

You can still create a welcoming environment in your booth while maintaining social distance. The layout and design of your exhibit properties can be strategically designed to be attractive and open. A less-is-more approach will be best in terms of booth staff and product display.

Guide with signage

Graphics, signage and flooring contribute to a positive experience. These visual indicators help guests navigate your space with safety in mind. Think graphic inlays in your carpet, floor graphics, or AV equipment to invite attendees to space out.

Designate entrances and exits for one-way traffic

Larger exhibit spaces can be redesigned to emulate a voyage, walking visitors through a designated journey in a one-way flow that promotes safety. By incorporating the flow into your marketing message, you can make this a seamless experience.

Trade Show Exhibit Design in the post-covid era - create safe zones for visitors

Create Safe Zones

Divide and conquer

Creative use of barriers and dividers will provide an added sense of protection for visitors, making your booth more engaging. Integrate them into your exhibit design with a variety of materials, shapes and printing to compliment your brand.

Encourage safe interaction

Make face-to-face Covid friendly by designating meeting spaces that are open but separate from the general traffic. By incorporating AV equipment, you can make product presentations fun and secure. e.

Bring in the rest of the staff

Interactive kiosks allow additional team members zoom-in from home for more in-depth conversations with qualified visitors. This hybrid option allows attendees to physically interact with products and samples.

Trade Show Exhibit Design in the post-covid era - promote sanitation with sanitizer stations, face covers, exhibit safely

Promote Sanitation

Facilitate face masks

Face coverings will continue to be a first-line protection against Covid. Make them part of your marketing strategy, as colorful branding for your team, and a useful give-away for your clients to enjoy back home.

Easily accessible hand sanitizing stations

Sanitizing stations are the epitome of the new normal, especially at temporary environments like trade shows and events. These are perfect branding opportunities to complement your exhibit and communicate your commitment to safety

Trade Show Exhibit Design in the post-covid era - trade shows are coming back are you ready

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