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20x20 Exhibit Booths - Let Us Help You Choose the Right Display

20 x 20 Displays

Vibrant 20 x 20 displays can help you showcase your brand and products with their open floor plans, higher altitudes, and 360° visibility. Let our sales and design experts assist you in creating 20 x 20 foot trade show displays that will provide an unforgettable exhibiting experience to your customers. A good first impression is your hook and, at Monster Displays, we have the perfect lure. Our 20 x 20 trade show booths fit various exhibiting needs with top priorities on functionality and visual impact. All of our 20 ft trade show displays can be accented with kiosks, counters, and seating areas to suit your show.

  • Modular

    Modular systems adapt to thousands of shapes and spaces, combining practical signage and accessories like shelves, monitor mounts, literature racks, counters, tables, display cases
  • Pop Ups

    Pop Ups are functional, portable, and affordable, versatile 20 x 20 trade show displays are quickly set-up while showcasing your brand's wow-factor
  • Pronto

    20 x 20 Pronto systems have nearly endless configuration, accessory, and graphic capabilities to help your trade show booth make an impact
  • Truss

    Truss systems are the apex of customization allowing your display to expand in size or change design layout by re-configuring your existing components.
  • Tension Fabric

    Tension Fabrics allow for functional, portable, and affordable 20 x 20 trade show displays with quick "tube frame" tool-free set-up.
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To increase the return on your investment, you can reconfigure our 20 x 20 trade show displays into smaller 10 x 10, 10 x 20 or 10 x 30 spaces. When you need large displays that can be modified into smaller formats think 20ft trade show displays from Monster Displays. For assistance, give us a call at 1-888-323-6995.