Simple Ways to Update Your Trade Show Exhibit

Five Simple Ways to Refresh Your Trade Show Booth

Trade show displays need to be spruced up regularly to maintain interest. Even if your booth was built to last many years, trends change, and equipment might need to be updated. The aim of your brand might change, too. These five tips to refresh trade show exhibits can revive a fading or stale display and get it looking like new again. Happy exhibiting!

1. Refresh Graphics and Signage

You should consider updating the trade show booth graphics if they are at least three to four years old or are showing signs of wear. These are the first thing most people see, and they need to make the right impression while accurately reflecting your brand. Many companies use multiple signs that they can switch out based on the show they’re attending and its clientele. You also might add new graphic elements such as hanging banners and freestanding signs.

2. Enhance the Lighting

If you want to showcase new products and services, or make your exhibit more visually appealing, new lights are a great way to do it. Placing items underneath a spotlight will focus people’s attention where you want it. Trade show booth lighting also adds to the overall atmosphere. You may also consider adding some backlit display elements to help your exhibit stand out. A backlit banner stand will attract attention, and it is compact enough to fit in most venues

3. Replace or Add Flooring

With hundreds of people walking on it from show to show, trade show flooring can wear out quickly. If your booth floor is looking a little shabby, replace it quickly. And if you don’t yet have flooring, consider adding it. Portable booth flooring ties the design together, ensures a stable surface to walk on and can even have anti-fatigue properties to help staff and attendees stay energized. You can create the look of hardwood flooring, carpet, stone and much more in interlocking tile or rollable styles.

4. Introduce Interactive Elements

The more engaged your visitors are, the longer they’ll stick around, and the more likely they will become clients or vendors. Make your booth more interactive and get people involved. Get a tablet stand or kiosk and create a hands-on touchscreen display that lets attendees explore what you offer. They’ll get the customized information they need and you’ll get to gather important data on potential customers. You can also run virtual demonstrations, play videos and much more.

5. Customize and Reconfigure Your Display

Even if your booth setup is already in good working condition, a few small changes can go a long way. Adding themed decorations, comfortable seating, phone charging stations, literature stands and other accessories are an excellent finishing touch that shows your brand pays attention to the details. You may also consider changing the layout, whether to call attention to certain items or because the original configuration is stale. A modular display that adapts to each show gives you even more customization options.