The Social Media Wall
New Opportunities For Interactive Brand Development

In an effort to keep our customers up-to-date on new products and changing strategies in the trade show industry we are looking at new products such as the Social Media Wall.

Modern branding is about a lot more than a logo, slogan, or a clever advertisement. Your company’s brand includes the ways in which you interact with your customers. The Monster Display team has been helping companies with their branding efforts by providing unique and affordable display elements to facilitate customer/company interactions. The recent developments in large scale display screen technology have opened up new avenues of meaningful branding interaction. Large display screens now have the same crystal clear resolution and rich color found on the newest tablet devices and personal computers. Therefore, they are a new avenue to maximize your efforts, incorporating your social media strategy visually with your exhibit.

All Major Social Media Outlets

For example, a new solution that is generating a lot of buzz in the industry is the Social Media Wall.It lets you and your customers experience social media networks in entirely new ways. You can now have a dynamic billboard that visually showcases live interactions.

The Social Media Wall supports all the most important and popular social networks and the back-end programming that helps run those pages; Flash, Java, and other programming languages used to run smoothly and with stability. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, Flickr, and all other popular social media outlets can be viewed with the expansive display screen. Live video feeds, still photographs, and Twitter voting polls can also be shared in real time.

How The Wall Works

This system streamlines the social media interaction taking place on the Internet with the display screen. Viewers can see what new media items are being shared, posted, and played and contribute their own content via smart phone, tablet devices, or personal computers. The screen can be mounted in an exhibit space to engage visitors to your booth or used as a screen to televise relevant social media activity to a large group of people. Social Media Walls have been used during press conferences, political debates, and at other events where broad public sentiment trends need to be tracked.

Putting Your Wall To Work

As an operator, you can control numerous settings to give your wall a distinct look. You can customize the look of your wall with a personal background image and other elements.The control panel lets operators view incoming messages to filter out inappropriate, unrelated, or negative commentary that would detract from the existing flow of interaction.

Thanks to its turnkey design, the Social Media Wall can go to work for you directly out of the box. All you need to do is connect it to your existing social media accounts and add the screen to your existing exhibit space. The lightweight screen can be easily mounted and transported.Easy to use software is included so you can begin adding content streams to your display right away.

Your Social Media Wall system can be given an added dimension of interactivity through the inclusion of touch screen technology. Cutting edge multi-point touch screens allow viewers to become part of the discussion happening online. Multi-point touch screens can accommodate numerous simultaneous interactions to engage a larger number of audience members. The inclusion of touch screen technology is customized to each customer, so contact us if you’re interested in having single or multi-point touch screen options added to your Social Media Wall.

The Social Media Wall system has been used by many of the world’s biggest brands, including the NBA and CNN. This system displays real time social media interactions and stimulates brand identity by bringing together users, viewers, and you.