Shining Brighter Than Your Competition

In the arts, lighting is everything. A well-lit photograph can make you weep, and a badly lit TV episode can create a tidal wave of criticism that can make you lose a Game of Thrones. Darkness cannot drive out darkness — only light can do that. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. Let there be light! Light is literally and metaphorically important to stand out and be seen. In a scenario where you are surrounded by your competition, such as trade shows, conventions and fairs, you need the spotlight.

One of the easiest ways to shed some light is to have your displays lit. There are many ways to light your stand or booth, but many are boring or simply intrusive. It’s one thing to stand in the spotlight and quite another to make your leads feel they are being interrogated.

If you’re looking for a cool, classy and posh solution, consider backlit displays. By using these illuminated graphics, you’ll make your booth stand out regardless of the lighting (or lack thereof) around it. Join us in seeing how backlight exhibit displays help you outshine the competition.

What is a Backlit Trade Show Display?

Backlit displays are designed with embedded LED lights behind fabric graphics, shining through them like sunlight coming through the curtains at your office. The fabric diffuses the light for a nice even spread without glare. In turn, the light makes the fabric colors even more vibrant, giving you a memorable display that will draw attention even on crowded show floors.

There are many types of backlit displays and you only need to find the one that best suits your brand and needs. Think about how much space you have, consider your budget and look into your competition to see if you can outshine them with amazing graphics and impeccable lighting.

One of the best ways to spotlight your organization is with a lightbox show display such as our BrightLine backlit exhibits. Let’s examine this display design and why it resonates with trade show exhibitors and attendees.

Light Box Booth Displays

The light box display is found everywhere from concerts and movie theaters to corporate events. It has a little bit of depth that allows the lights to sit behind the graphics rather than on the edges while still being encased in the frame for protection.

These displays are designed to offer high-definition graphics in a simple plug-and-play design. BrightLine light box display graphics are printed on OnePlanet™ fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. So not only will you have a dazzling display, but you’ll also make an eco-friendly statement.

Displays That Adapt to Your Needs

Backlit displays come in many shapes and sizes. A three-foot backlit display can be a beacon seen by every angle if you have a privileged position and just want a little bit of pop. If you have a bigger space and need several activities during your trade show or event, a 20-foot BrightLine display might be the answer. They come in different shapes and angles that can play well with some hanging banners or serve as a wall or backdrop.

One of the best things about these types of displays is that setup is fast and easy. You can show off your brand practically anywhere since they are highly portable, lightweight and assemble in a matter of minutes with no tools. Another amazing feature is that they can have fabric covers that hide the frames and hardware so it is all about your message and brand. The silicone edge graphics are like something you’ve never seen before and give a frameless feel to already amazing dye sublimation graphics.

Bold, Colorful Event Displays

Dye sub graphics are the choice for many exhibitors because of their long-lasting, high-quality sublimation on washable, wrinkle-resistant fabrics. If you think this is state of the art, wait until you see your colors and brand elegantly and uniformly lit with energy-saving, hidden LED lights. The HD graphics on such high-quality fabrics diffuse the light source so you can see every last detail of that amazing piece your design team created, conveying a message that shows off your value proposition and what your brand is all about. You can even have a double-sided display with an SEG channel bar system, so you are seen from afar and in high definition even in poorly-lit spaces.

Images and messages come to life when you fire them up with the right lighting. Set yourself apart from the boring, simple banners people walk right by and don’t even notice. Some displays even have monitor mounts to make the experience interactive and enlightening. With options that can even be personalized with custom cutouts, looks, sizes and the ability to expand vertically and horizontally, the sun is the limit. So make sure you outshine the competition and become visible to your potential customers. See your return on investment multiply while you reel them in like moths to the flame.

Light Up Your Trade Show Booth

If you’re interested in a BrightLine backlight display for trade shows or other industry events, browse our collection or contact Monster Displays. We have helped more than 30,000 customers nationwide stay on top of the latest exhibit trends so their event is a success.