Backlit Displays: Clever Applications to Elevate Your Brand

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In a crowded marketplace, you need an edge to stand out. LED backlit displays help raise brand awareness and make it easier for people to see the information you’re trying to convey. Technology advances have made these signs more versatile and affordable than ever.

There are countless uses for backlit displays in almost every industry. If you’re looking for a way to build your brand, consider some of these clever backlit display applications.

Product Showcases

Backlighting is a great way to call attention to your company’s latest innovations. With a lighted display case or shelving, you can feature everything from beauty products to smartphones so they stand out at presentations, conferences and more.

Retail Signage

When you’re looking to draw more traffic into your store or highlight certain products and services, backlit retail displays are a great way to do so. Use them to announce new offerings and sales or build general brand awareness. They can be especially effective during the holiday season.

Trade Shows

The visuals in your trade show booth make a huge difference when you’re trying to attract new clients. Set up backlit trade show displays to exhibit appealing graphics and artwork that tell people about your business. It will look appealing and professional to draw others in.

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Event Exhibits

Add a lighted pop-up display to your company’s next big event to create ambiance and promote new products. The display can be placed at the entrance or used as a backdrop. You might also put it on permanent display at a theater or arena for general information or event announcements.

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Office Displays
When clients and employees arrive at your office, greet them with a light-up display that informs them of what the business does and promotes the workplace culture. Set these displays up everywhere from reception areas to boardrooms, whether as a temporary or permanent addition.

Malls and Shopping Centers

With so much hustle and bustle inside a mall, a light-up display will help you stand out. Backlit stands are very useful to increase the visibility of temporary pop-up stores and kiosks. You can also turn a lighted display into a store directory that helps people find their way around.

Outdoor Signs

Displays with backlighting aren’t just for indoor applications. Weather-resistant stands can be placed out front to boost your brand. Use them as entrance signs, advertisements, announcement boards and more. Battery packs are available, so you don’t even need an electrical outlet.

Monster Displays offers a variety of portable trade show backlit displays that offer many other possibilities for elevating your brand. All displays are made in the U.S. with free design assistance and fast turnaround. Contact us to talk with a professional who will help you find the right backlit expo sign for your needs.