Choosing the Best Table Top Display For Your Trade Show or Event Needs

Best Table Top Display
Many companies are choosing table top displays for trade shows and events. It’s easy to see why they are popular. A table top display will fit tables that are standard sizes and give your company a polished professional look. Best of all, they are easy to set up with minimal fuss or hassle. When it comes to investments you can make with your promotional dollars, the table top display is hands-down an easy favorite among many organizations.

Some companies prefer to have a table top display on hand so they can easily attend smaller exhibitons or events in the community. Tabletop displays for trade shows are also a great option at small industry gatherings or when attending immensely popular trade shows where the only option is a smaller display. Having that type of display means you are ready to attend and show your company, products and services to interested customers no matter the space availability. A table top event display isn’t just a standalone option, either — you can pair them with back walls, counters, table covers and other branded elements as part of a larger booth.

There are a few factors that go into choosing the best display. Let’s look at some table top display ideas and what you should consider. Monster Displays is here to help you select which table top trade show display is best for your needs.

Best Table Top Display

What size display would be best for you?

Table Top Displays come in sizes ranging from four feet to eight feet wide. These convenient options will fit most standard trade show tables. But unless you have the storage space and budget for multiple displays, you’ll need to pick one of the sizes. Which is the right size for you? Try viewing the website of some of your upcoming conferences and events to see if they have information about the space given to companies attending. This can help you make your decision.

What graphics should the display have? This is another choice when creating your display. Many choose to promote their latest product or services. Some stick to their best-known graphics or spokesperson. Consider hiring a graphic designer if you are unsure of how to have yours presented well.

What will I use my display for?

This is an important consideration when choosing your display. Look at your upcoming trade show and event schedule. Some companies use this for one or a few events and others purchase it to use more frequently. You may also decide to keep your table top displayed in your showroom or lobby, they are a great way to brand your corporate spaces. Only you and your promotions and marketing department can best answer this question, but you’ll find the right answer with planning and preparation.

How Will I Transport the Display?

This is something to think about when choosing your table top display, but it is often less of a concern. A table top display is far easier to transport than many other types of trade show materials. A lot of this will depend on where your next event or trade show takes place. Remember to allow sufficient time for materials to arrive and to follow shipping, packing and delivery instructions for optimal results. Best Table Top Display

Types of Table Top Displays

Now that we’ve gone over the main considerations, let’s check out some display options. There are five main table top display types that each have their benefits for certain organizations and uses:

  • A tension fabric table top display offers vibrant, wrinkle-free graphics with a sleek frameless look and tool-free assembly.
  • A pop-up table top display offers fast setup, letting you get ready quickly when you don’t have a lot of load-in time.
  • A briefcase table top display has hook-and-loop fabric panels to easily switch out graphics and a self-contained case to easily pack up after the show.
  • A modular table top display gives you the most options to move panels and graphics around, letting you customize the display to each event.
  • A multi-panel table top display is the best way to lay out information for visitors and allows you to show several graphics with different messaging.
Beyond these categories, you can select many other features, including standard straight-panel displays, gracefully curved displays, eye-catching backlit table top displays and displays with a separate logo field above the main panel. If you’re looking for more advice about choosing a trade show table top display, contact Monster Displays for assistance from an exhibit expert.