Create a Professional Look: Tips for Designing a Modular Trade Show Display

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There are many benefits of using modular displays for tradeshows and event promotions – they’re adaptable, easy to assemble, affordable and customizable. A single modular tradeshow display can potentially be set up in dozens of ways, and you can add onto them as your business grows and evolves.

However, as with any display, you need to get the design just right to have the biggest impact. Use these modular display design tips to help you create an exhibit that will elevate your brand and have people thinking about your organization long after the event is over.

1. Everything Should Center Around Brand Identity

Branding is everything when it comes to tradeshows and advertising. Your display should accurately represent what your company is and what it does – and the branding should be consistent. If attendees think you’re being dishonest or if they are getting conflicting messages, that will hurt performance.

2. Know What Your Goals Are

The purpose of your modular display affects the design. Are you trying to demonstrate new products? Make new connections? Provide information to potential leads? When you have an actionable goal, you can figure out what graphics and messaging will best achieve that goal.

A picture containing text, ceiling, indoor, floor

3. Feature Copy That’s Short and to the Point

Sharp graphics should be accompanied by some copy – but not too much. With dozens of competitors on the tradeshow floor, you need something quick and intriguing to catch people’s attention. Use a tagline or other quick points that convey your brand. And remember to use legible fonts!

4. Build Off a Baseline Display

Tradeshow venues can vary widely, and you need a booth that can adapt. Make sure you have a basic “display foundation” that captures the essentials for times when space is limited. Then come up with optional banners, podiums and monitors to take advantage when you’re in more spacious event centers.

5. Keep Things Simple

You don’t want to overwhelm potential customers and clients. Walls of text and complicated graphics are distracting rather than welcoming. Instead of oversaturating the display, choose a few highlights to arouse interest – you can always explain the details once you’ve drawn someone in.

A picture containing text, ceiling, indoor, floor

6. Focus on the Backwall

The backwall is the focal point that sets the tone for the rest of your modular display. It’s where your main message should be, along with some graphics to enhance the overall look. Everything else – banner stands, multimedia, etc. – should complement this area.

7. Consider Adding Lighting

Some custom lighting is a great way to set your booth apart. Backlighting a sign will make it more noticeable and appealing – especially in dimly lit conference centers. You can also decorate the booth with brand-appropriate lights.

If you need a modular display for your next tradeshow, contact Monster Displays. Our team of tradeshow experts will work with you to customize a display booth, whether you’re interested in frameless modular panels, tension fabric modular displays or our premium modular displays. Our displays are made in the U.S. and come with free design service from experienced graphic designers.