Importance of Professional Graphic Design Services

The Importance of Professional Graphic Design Services

It’s no secret that having well-designed logos, displays, presentations and other materials can be a huge boon to a business. FinancesOnline and Visually report that 80% of small business owners believe graphic design is at least moderately important to being successful. Yet time after time, we see business owners try to do their own design work. To a certain point, we understand this; top graphic design services can cost up to $150 per hour, and there are more DIY design tools available now than ever before.

But at Monster Displays, we firmly believe in the value of hiring a professional for this important aspect of running a business. “Great trade show booth exhibit design is even more relevant, since your brand is competing in a crowded space. This is just one of the many areas where having a professional in your corner can pay off. Here are four key reasons to hire a professional graphic designer for your business.

1. It Saves Money and Time

Ironically, by hiring outside help, you can spend less money overall. Graphic designers have years of training and experience that includes artwork creation, file specifications and storage. This means faster turnaround for a job that is paid by the hour. It’s also one less responsibility you and your team have, letting you focus on other important aspects of running a business.

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2. They Create a Distinctive Look

Being unique is a sure way to stand out among competitors. If you try to create graphics using a generic template, you will likely end up with a generic result. Conversely, a graphic designer combines creative thinking and technical skills to put together materials that are instantly memorable. They also know which colors, shapes and fonts will catch people’s attention while conveying information.

3. They Establish Brand Consistency

It’s also crucial that your branding has a consistent look and feel across all materials. This requires considering every single detail and understanding how they translate across a variety of platforms. They will setup your artwork so that brand colors are consistent, logos and images are perfectly sized with no blurring. Graphic designers relish in these details while making sure to capture the broader message you want. It adds up to better brand recognition and building more trust with potential customers and clients. A person looking at a tablet Description automatically generated with low confidence

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4. They Are Adaptable

When it comes to individual industries as well as branding as a whole, trends are always changing. A professional designer stays on top of everything from the hottest color palettes to the latest software and tools used to create marketing materials. Hiring them helps your business do the same so you’re not running the risk of getting left behind.

Graphic Design at Monster Displays

Monster Displays offers free professional design services with all our trade show displays and promotional products. Whether you have existing branding that you need translated to a large display, are undergoing a rebrand or are launching a new business, our team can help establish the right look and messaging for your brand.