Monster Displays Introduces 100% Recycled One Planet Fabric

Monster Displays is excited to announce that most of our display and signage products are now printed on One PlanetTM Fabric, the first signage fabric made in America from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. This textile up-cycles discarded plastic bottles into a luxurious polyester that can be printed to create eye-catching branding signage. Using the latest technology, discarded plastic bottles are transformed into specially engineered yarn, which includes a unique chemical tracer to certify authenticity. The yarn is knitted in America into a premium fabric with the highest quality standards.

This new material provides a comprehensive approach to sustainability in marketing: it is not only great for the environment, with unparalleled performance, but also allows for a competitive price point. And it supports American manufacturing; it’s proudly knitted in North Carolina and printed in Florida.

Fabric has been the preferred choice to fit the demands of the trade show and signage world, considering its lightweight, flexible, and visually impressive results. One PlanetTM takes it a step further by allowing brands to take advantage of fabrics while significantly contributing to a sustainable world.

One PlanetTM is 100% composed of recycled materials, compared to other options that include only a portion of recycled components. This not only increases the amount of plastic that is being reprocessed, but also makes the fabric easier to recycle after it is used. Banners printed on authentic One PlanetTM fabric prevent plastic bottles from entering landfills or oceans. They also avoid the use of crude oil, reducing our reliance on petrochemicals. There is also a reduction of over 50% in the release of carbon dioxide during production. And to top it off, 85% less energy is used during manufacturing and printing.

One PlanetTM fabric offers superior performance compared to our previous materials. The perfectly smooth matte texture improves pigment fixation for brighter colors and crisp detail. It features a specialized construction that allows for consistent stretch without the use of spandex, making installation a breeze. It is a light weight 7 oz material but still provides excellent opacity. One of its most outstanding features is its wrinkle resistance, with an exceptional soft hand-feel and improved tenacity. And of course, it complies with the highest standards for flame retardancy. The result is a luxurious yet cost effective and environmentally sustainable printed signage that is poised to impress.

One PlanetTM fabric can be used in multiple applications for visual marketing, whether as temporary branding at trade shows, exhibits, corporate events, sporting activities and fairs, or for more permanent applications at stores, churches, schools or businesses. It is available for use with various display systems, with pillowcase, velcro or beading application.

With this initiative, Monster Displays expects to contribute to recycle over one million bottles in just the first year. Certificates with the number of recycled bottles are available, so marketing professionals can easily incorporate this information into their company’s environmental activities or share with their audiences through social media.