Outdoor Banner Stand Options

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Owning an outdoor display is a must for any business. Whether for large outdoor events or day-to-day advertising, a banner stand is an excellent way to convey information and build brand awareness. Monster Displays offers this look at our most popular outdoor display options to help you choose the right solution. All our signs are made in the U.S. with free design service.

Retractable Banner Stands

These banner kits keep signage rigid even in a stiff breeze. The center bungee pole, top frame and feet supports will hold the banner in place so your graphics are seen. When an event is over, the banner retracts into the frame for storage.

Rectangle Banner Stands

A large rectangle banner offers lots of space, letting you add images and words that can be seen from afar. Several sizes are available, and you can get weighted bases to withstand high winds. Mamba outdoor banners are single sided, while the Mondo banner has a double-sided option.

Several banners in front of a building with medium confidence

Outdoor Flags

A flag stand is a variation on the banner for creative displays. Outdoor banner flags come in many distinct shapes, including teardrop flags, feather flags and blade flags to help with brand awareness. However, the smaller size means flags are best for close-up use. There are also mini flags you can attach to vehicles.

Snap Frame Banner Stands

This high-end sidewalk sign mounts your banners in a base that can be filled with water for stability. Snap frame display stands keep your signs perfectly upright for maximum viewing. Sign changes are simple: unsnap the sides, add a banner and snap it shut again. The base has wheels for moving to different locations.

A-Frame Folding Signs

Also called a sandwich board, these economical double-sided stands put announcements by the front door. They’re commonly used to promote restaurant specials, store sales and events. Since you can quickly swap the graphics, an A-frame sidewalk sign is excellent for constantly changing display needs. You also can easily move your sign or bring it inside.

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Fold-Out Billboards

The A-frame folding billboard combines a double-sided banner and sandwich board. Fabric graphics are secured on one or both sides of an aluminum frame for display. They are much larger than a regular A-frame sign, allowing you to put them in fields or beside walkways for more exposure. This also makes them better for long-term branding.

Tension Fabric Outdoor Stands

A third version of the A-frame sign, the Waveline Outdoor Double Stand uses tension fabric instead of vinyl or plastic. This stretched fabric is smooth, vibrant and easy to assemble. It also doesn’t have glare and is the most compact option for storage. Small, medium and large sizes are available for short-distance or long-distance graphics.

Bubble Poster Stand

The Bubble Poster is another banner stand hybrid. In this case, it takes the look of the snap frame stand and uses double-sided tension fabric graphics. The bubble-style base can be ordered in many colors and is also compatible with existing Waveline indoor displays, letting you exhibit graphics anywhere.

Contact Monster Displays before your next outdoor event for more information about the display options that best fit your needs.