The advantages of tension fabric displays

Every business that has a presence at tradeshows, conferences and other large events needs an eye-catching display to showcase its products and services. Tension fabric has become a popular choice in recent years – not just for corporate needs, but for event promotion, school displays and public exhibits. Monster Displays can tell you everything you need to know about why tension fabric displays are the best option for your display needs.

What Is a Tension Fabric Display?

Tension fabric displays involve stretching a fabric cover with printed graphics over a frame that holds it in place. Although polyester fabric is the most common, several different natural and synthetic materials can be used. At Monster Displays, we have hundreds of display options that feature our OnePlanet fabric. This fabric is made of recycled plastic bottles so it’s eco-friendly while also providing a superior printing surface. Aluminum tubing is frequently used for the frame because it is rigid, lightweight and rustproof.

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Benefits of Tension Fabric Banners and Booths

1. Tension fabric displays look clean and neat. The frameless or near-frameless appearance means fewer distractions for clients, and since the fabric is stretched, there are no creases, fold marks or sags to worry about.

2. A tension fabric banner is easy to store and transport. You can fold or roll them up without worrying that these actions will damage the display. If you need to ship them to their destination, they are generally much more compact and less expensive to ship than some other traditional display options.

3. Each modular tension fabric display is made to order. At Monster Displays, we can print the exact images, logos and messages you want in vibrant color. The result is a custom display that fits both your brand messaging and the event.

4. Speaking of vibrant color, tension fabric holds colors very well. You don’t need to worry as much about the display fading over time. And if the fabric does get dirty, it’s easy to clean. Some displays are even machine washable.

5. These tradeshow displays are easy to assemble. With a pop-up tension fabric display, you can be ready to go in just a few minutes. Graphics can also be switched out quickly with no tools or special training needed.

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6. There are many types of tension fabric display solutions. Use banner stands, modular displays and more to adapt to each event. You can even get backlit tension fabric for maximum impact.

7. Unlike common vinyl displays, tension fabric does not have any glare. This is because the fabric absorbs the light rather than reflecting it. That means your display will be more visible and appealing, especially on sunny days or in brightly lit rooms, as well as in photos.

8. In addition to being easy and fast to set up, tension fabric and aluminum framing are both long-lasting display materials. You can spend less time handling them, which means less wear and risk of accidents. Of course, that also gives you more time to network and promote your brand at the event.

9. Finally, tension fabric tradeshow displays are cost effective. The simple setup, storage, shipping and adaptability all reduce expenses, so you save money in the long run. Plus, since the displays are durable and long lasting, you won’t need to replace them as often as many other kinds of displays.

If you have additional questions about tension fabric displays and their benefits, contact Monster Displays’ team of trade show experts to learn how these displays can work for you.