B2B Event Marketing Ideas

Live events offer a unique opportunity for business-to-business (B2B) companies to forge real connections with a target market while showing off their latest products and services. Whether you’re looking to find new partners or strengthen existing relationships, an event can help you. Use these B2B trade show marketing and event ideas to make them fun and successful.

Design an Interesting Venue

Selecting the right event location is like choosing the perfect backdrop for your presentation. While you may not always have the liberty to handpick the venue, you can still work magic to make it captivating and unforgettable. A large booth display with custom graphics, media stands, tables, and other accessories can make for a definite showstopper. If the event is outside, get an outdoor trade show display to make the most out of the open-air setting. You can also design a custom booth that transports visitors to the very environment where your products shine.

Tailored Event Branding

Many companies just attach their existing brand to an event. However, if you can give the event its own identity that’s still connected to your regular brand, you have a real winner. This can be done through standard avenues such as logos and colors or by giving the event a theme that captures the company’s essence.

Invest in Event Swag

Some free swag will get people excited and add to the experience. You can hand out a product your company makes or put together a goody bag with fun promotional items. Branded apparel that attendees can wear puts your logo on full display. Other freebies that will make an impression include drinkware, desk accessories, planners, and snacks.

Let Your Customers Take the Stage

A good way to get new customers interested in your products is to see and hear how current customers use them. For example, if you have a data management platform you’re promoting, invite clients to give presentations about the ways it has helped their business. The message will resonate even more when it comes from people with direct experience.

Let Your Employees Take the Stage

Prospects also love hearing directly from the people who designed the products they’re considering. Bring in engineers, developers and others who have advanced knowledge. And don’t just limit their involvement to speeches. One-on-one meetings between attendees and employees are a chance to answer specific questions, fix problems, and provide a more personalized experience.

Plan a Live Demonstration

For all the marketing pitches you can make, the best way to let people know what a product can do is to illustrate it firsthand. Put together a demonstration that showcases its features and puts the product through real-world scenarios. Potential clients can see up close how it works and envision what it might do for them – plus it’s a great way to make an entrance.

Event Live Stream

Not everyone who wants to attend an in-person event will be able to because of logistics or budgets. Bring the event to them with a virtual stream through your website or YouTube. Even if you’re only able to stream the keynotes, it lets a larger audience learn about what your company offers.