LookBook, A Tribute to Successful Imagination

  • Experience to know what's possible and what works best to create a successful tradeshow display.
  • Spark your creative juices with our Idea Gallery.
  • Numerous examples of unique Tension Fabric Backwalls, Backlit Lightboxes, Banner Stands, Islands, Pop Up Displays.
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How to manage visual branding like the experts

  • What is Visual Branding?
  • What are the key elements to adequately communicate your brand?
  • How does visual branding relate to exhibiting?
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The Anatomy of a five star portable island

  • How a clear alluring message is a main objective on your trade show for a lead generation.
  • How to take advantage to your space to create a memorable and attractive presence to catch your prospects’ attention.
  • Why hanging banners are an exceptional tool to be seen from a distance in a sea of booths.
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Marketer's pocket guide to choosing a Banner Stand

  • Keys to choose a banner stand according to your needs .
  • Main components.
  • Types of frames and graphics available.
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Accurately measure results of your event or tradeshow

  • Quantifying your effort and how much you made.
  • Six performance factors to measure results.
  • Calculate key performance indicators to translate into results.
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The Best budgeting practices for trade show success

  • Wisely allocate resources and leave no detail unnoticed.
  • How budget allocation looks like and how to avoid common missteps.
  • Which basic and additional supplies should be taken when planning your next show.
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How to get traffic to your booth

  • What motivates attendees to visit a booth?
  • Effective tactics to attract and engage visitors.
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Success Through Clever Design.

  • Why should you focus on design even if you are not a designer.
  • What makes event marketing special.
  • How to create ROI through design.
  • Universal design tips.
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Marketer's Pocket Guide to Trade Show Planning

  • Properly prepare for a convention.
  • Achieve success by documenting, Pre-show Overview, Event Details, Show Plan & Goals, Staffing Needs, Shipping & Setup, Budgeting.
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Marketer's Pocket Guide to Tension Fabric Displays

  • Choosing the right frame style.
  • Quality graphics to look great & last.
  • Custom configurations to make your space unique.
  • Value-added accessories that engage visitors more
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The Marketer's Pocket Guide to Trade Show Basics

  • Core elements of an engaging trade show display.
  • Maximize lead generation while avoiding costly mistakes.
  • Learn how to: Set smart objectives, choose your shows strategically, focus on your visitors, socialize your pre-show marketing, train professional staff, nurture your leads, measure your success
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Anatomy of a five-star small exhibit

  • Grabbing attention multiply your qualified leads.
  • Successful visual branding within limited booth real estate.
  • Starting Conversation
  • Extract value from generally overlooked exhibit components.
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Marketer's guide to buying a Popup Display

  • Tried and true components that save your time and money.
  • Visual choices that make or break your display.
  • Maximizing the impact of your botth with interactive content
  • Protecting your investment.
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