Make Pop-up Displays a Part of Your Next Industry Event

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Even in the rapidly changing world of business, there are a few things that remain consistent. The value of industry events is one of them. Industry events give up-and-coming businesses a chance to make themselves known. Established businesses can showcase new products and services while connecting with new markets at these important events. There are many reasons to attend a trade show — but to make your attendance worthwhile, you must plan your display so it makes an impact.

Pop-up display elements make it easy to assemble a display in even a limited space. They’re perfect for taking on the road and will make an ideal addition to any display equipment you already own. Whether it’s a basic pop-up tabletop display or a full pop-up display booth, they offer many benefits for busy organizations. The experts at Monster Display are taking a closer look at pop-up displays and how they help make your event successful.

Why Displays are Important

Featured image: Monster Displays

The trade show display you put together needs to be a positive reflection of your business. A well-designed display should inform your customers and get them excited about what you offer. Your ability to connect with the attendees of an industry event is directly connected to the quality of your display materials. Every industry event has dozens, even hundreds, of different vendors in attendance. You need to make sure that your display catches their eyes. Think of it as the first impression that opens the door to building a lasting professional relationship.

The Advantages of Using Pop-up Displays in Exhibitions

Pop-up displays make an excellent display option because they are so versatile. Here are just a few of the features that make pop-up displays such a great idea for your next industry event:

  • Pop-up displays are lightweight and easy to carry. No special equipment is necessary for transport, which saves you time and money.
  • They are quick to set up. One or two people can have a pop-up display set up in only minutes, and the components are just as easy to take down. This is important at venues where you have limited time to get in and out.
  • These displays are highly customizable. A pop-up display wall can feature photos, graphics, text, and company logos — anything you want. Light fixtures can be attached for added visibility. Height and width options are also available on some models.
  • They stand alone or in combination. A pop-up display can be a self-contained element or combined with existing display materials such as tables, counters, kiosks and hanging banners for a greater variety of uses.
  • Pop-up displays are compact. Small pop-up models can fit into a small space while still maximizing the available area.
  • The displays are affordable. Once you purchase your display element, there’s no need to update or change it until you’re ready, and no extra parts you need to purchase.
  • They are durable. A quality pop-up display is made of rugged materials designed to handle a busy, hectic environment.

Variety Equals Versatility

One of the greatest benefits of a pop-up display for trade show or conference use is the many model types available. You can choose tabletop or floor displays as well as displays that are flat, curved, serpentine or in custom shapes. Elements such as lighting, end caps and matching podiums allow maximum personalization. Even though pop-up displays are some of the most widely utilized display products, the ability to customize your display will make it unique.

Traditional vs. Tension Fabric Pop-up Displays

When shopping for pop-up displays, you’ll also have a choice between a traditional or tension fabric design. A traditional pop-up display has an accordion frame that you open and attach the graphic panels to by hanging them from the top. They offer a fuller, more expansive look that can make a big statement at shows and are more resistant to wear and tear. Traditional displays also come with a hardshell carrying case that doubles as a podium.

A tension fabric pop-up display is a modern design that has a single fabric back wall graphic. It stretches over an aluminum tube frame and zips shut. Push-fit pins give the graphic a taut, wrinkle-free appearance. Tension fabric displays typically cost less, are easier to set up and take up less space when packed up for easier transportation. This has made them exceedingly popular for businesses on the go. Which type of pop-up display your organization uses is up to personal preference.

Featured image: Monster Displays

Designing a Pop-up Display

Once you’re ready to place your order for a pop-up display, you can connect with a customer service representative to assist you in the design process. You’ll be asked to submit a computer file of the design you want placed on your display. This file will have to be in a certain file format and saved with a particular resolution. You can ask a customer service representative for details on the specifics required by that display company.

Your investment in a pop-up display is an investment made in your business. Your exhibition materials help you connect with new clients and outreach to your community. These are the activities that will make your business grow.